What´s New:

Since January 1st, 2006 Forum Crisis Prevention has become the supporting and institutionalized organization of the Initiative Pro UNCOPAC (www.pro-uncopac.info). Therefore, one main objective of FCP is to continue bringing the proposal for a UN Commission on Peace and Crisis Prevention (UNCOPAC), published in April 2003, up to political discussion.

The statute of Forum Crisis Prevention suggests a wide range of activities, the focus lies on the strengthening of existing structures and on the development of new international structures whose main goal would be the prevention of violent conflicts or wars and the containment of crises of all types.

In 2005 the UN agreed on a Peace Building Commission for post-conflict situations. Forum Crisis Prevention, in agreement with other initiatives, is convinced that we all have to try hard to extend the mandate of the Peace Building Commission to pro-active prevention in close cooperation with civil society. (...read more)

Pro UNCOPAC participates in the conference at UN Headquarter in New York From Reaction to Prevention: Civil Society Forging Partnerships to Prevent Violent Conflict and Build Peace. Ms. Heide Schuetz, Dr. Reiner Steinweg, both authors of the model statute, and Ms. Ute Hegener are members of the European Delegation.

Pro UNCOPAC endorses the Global Action Agenda “People Building Peace” , but our members, supporting institutions and NGOs prioritise concepts of Pre-war Prevention, also at UN level. Many of the conflicts which took place in the 1990s occurred in regions – such as Europe – which had been free of collective violence for several decades. Early international action could have prevented armed conflicts by peaceful means. We therefore stress the need for further discussion of UN-coordinated non-military early responses to early warning. [more...]

Please notice our brochure "Strengthen Prevention in Pre-War Situations"

For more information about the Global Partnership see: www.gppac.net